Handmade Family is a collaborative effort between husband and wife team Amy and Jeffrey Johnson. Using our backgrounds in art and education, we create back-to-basics gifts and toys that promote imaginative play, problem solving, comfort and creativity.

When our daughter, Olive was born, we found that the swaddling blankets available commercially were really too small to wrap a baby older than a couple weeks old. So Amy sat down and made some blankets of her own that were cute, comfy, and BIG. the sewing bug had bitten her by that point, and she made some super-hero capes for her class at school, which were a big hit! More ideas followed and pretty soon she had opened an Etsy shop, with half a dozen unique handmade products.

Amy Johnson

Amy’s sewing and embroidery machines are constantly humming. Whether it’s crafting super hero capes, bean bag games, extra large and snuggly receiving blankets, or carry bags for Jeffrey’s story-starter chips, she loves to create things that bring joy and comfort.

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey’s talents include illustration, watercolor painting, and woodcrafts, just to name a few. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking, he left the 9-5 world of graphic desin to answer a higher calling…that of stay-at-home-dad and creative freelancer.