Girls Makeup Tutorials

There is a science to just about everything; applying eye shadow is no different. It is made in colors developed to match the eye color of the user. It is an enjoyable way to highlight the eyes. Generally more than one shade is sold in a pack. The shades are usually in complimenting tones, utilizing the shadow to bring out the eyes requires certain steps to be followed, listed below is a quick summary of ways to apply it.

Step 1 Prepping

Eye covers typically have natural creases and folds, there has to be some preparatory work to make sure the eye shadow can follow the eye covers effectively without making the creases and folds more apparent. There are bases and powders that can be applied to the eye lids to obtain them prepared for the eye shadow. Concealer will conceal and imperfections in the tone of the skin on the eye lids and even things out. When the foundation is set then using the eye shadow will be much easier it will slide on and stay put.

Step 2 Using

Step 2 is the real application for the makeup tutorials for blue eyes with colored eye shadow. The lightest of the color scheme ought to be applied first. The whole cover to the brow bone should be covered. The darker shade will then be applied in the crease of the eyelid, if a third color is desired this can be added to half the eyelid at the farthest part away from the nose. This third color ought to be a shade that remains in between the lightest and the darkest shade utilized on the eye lids. Once all the colors are included a soft brush or small sponge idea applicator should be utilized to blend all the colors together. Mixing the colors should be done a bit at a time with light strokes so as not to eliminate the color.

Last Step

The final action in ways to use shadow is to set all of it utilizing a little face powder, setting the shadow will aid with its remaining power.

Applying eye shadow the correct method will leave a natural enhanced look and not an overly comprised look. On every shadow set that is offered there is brief directions typically with a diagram discussing how to use shadow, these ideas are good guidance and with some practice even a newbie will be an expert in a short period of time.



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