How Kente Fabric Is Used Today?

Kente, which is one of the most popular fabric said to have originated from the people of the Ashanti Empire, which was located in Ghana, according to various historical sources and modern day interpretations. Although in the past, this special clothing was only reserved by the Royal family members and the Society Elites, this clothing was also worn during various special ceremonies. There are many uses for this traditional and famous clothing in the modern present time. To know more, this article will take a look at how Kente cloth is used today. Best examples, has been one of the best retailers of chokers, frames, and Kente infused fashion.

The present day use of the Kentecloth:

This fabric offers a visible representation of the ethics, philosophy and also history. This popular clothing is still used for the special ceremonies in Ghana, however, unlike the past, this clothing is worn by everyone and it is no longer reserved for the royals and the elites of the society. Kente has become more affordable in pricing and this special clothing is also more readily available for wear. It is no longer only made from silk but also by using cotton, rayon and other materials. This is only possible because of the modern ideologies and technologies. It is also used in the traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremonies. Generally, this clothing is worn and used as an Ethnic pride symbol by the Africans. This clothing is also gifted during special occasions such as: soul washing, child-naming and also puberty. It is also used during historical commemorations.

The use of this clothing is no longer reserved in Ghana and it is spread to various parts of the world, especially the US. The African American students wear scarves during their graduation, which is woven by using Kente. The scarves woven from this fabric is also worn by the students and this is used for representing the membership of the students to the African student organization, black fraternity or sorority across various colleges and universities. There is special event known as “Donning of the Kente” is held by the African American students, where the stoles woven from this fabric is present to the graduated students.

The use of this fabric is not only limited to these specific uses. It is also used for making jewelries, such as chokers and also for making various types of accessories such as: back packs and hand bags. There are various colours and designs which are bright and offer an ethnic vibe to the products.
This famous traditional clothing is also very popular with tourists, who purchase various items made with this fabric, such as: bags and shoes. Many celebrities, such as: Gwen Stefani, Salt-N-Pepa, Solange Knowles etc. have also used this fabric by wearing them at various occasions.

In the present time, there is also machine printed Kente fabric available, alongside the hand woven traditional technique. No matter the modern day use, this fabric is still seen as a symbol of cultural representation, nobility and also social prestige by many people who use this fabric.

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