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Things to Know when Buying Gemstones Online

Gemstones add spice to any jewelry piece. Having a gemstone in your accessories can be noted as a display of social status because gemstones are not exactly budget-friendly. With the rise of technological advancements, it is very accessible to shop for gemstones on the internet as there are already a lot of online gemstone shops available. However, you still need to take note of important factors if you are shopping for gemstones online. If you want to be guided accordingly when shopping for gemstones online, then do not hesitate to read more about some tips below.

Firstly, it is very crucial to take note of the clarity of the gemstone. Clarity describes the presence or absence of flaws inside or outside the gemstone. While it is absolutely rare to find a flawless gemstone, you should never settle for one that is of poor clarity. In terms of money, gemstones with low clarity does not rank high so it is of cheap value. To tell the clarity of the stone, you should examine it from the top. This position ensures that you can visibly notice the flaws of the stone if there are any. If you are not confident in picking out flaws, then have a professional look at it. You cannot examine it personally if you do online shopping so the next thing you have to do is to find the site’s disclosure of all features of the stone.

Second, you have to make sure that the gemstone has a proper cut. A gemstone that has a proper cut can easily reflect light off when you hold it up. If the unit has a cut that is too deep and narrow the surface area will be dark. If the cut is too shallow and wide, some parts may be washed out and appear to be lifeless. If you want to check the cut of the stone when you do online shopping, then ask the seller to provide real-time pictures.

Third, the color of the gemstone dictates its worth or value. In online stores, you can see more options so it is up to you to choose the ideal one. The stones that give off a pure color are the best options to consider. A true gemstone is not too light or too dark. You should check for videos on the site where the stone is held in different angles under enough light.

Finally, always transact with a legitimate online shop. Online shops that are considered authentic should have a copy of their business permit posted online. You can also ask the seller directly if they have proof of legal business if this is not posted in their website.

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